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Ronnie reaching home.
Reaching home.

Home is a location, reached at the end of Level 10, or approximately at a distance of 4650 meters. The location marks the end of what is known as a Home Run.


Home functions similarly to a shop, acting as a pause between levels. Upon reaching home, the player will be rewarded with both a time and Badges, the former of which, if faster than previous times, will be uploaded to the leaderboards. Home will also fully replenish the Star Power timer, similar to Shops.

Stay up

The player can choose to stay up, where the player will enter a bonus level, containing 72 coins (excluding Rubies), one Treasure Chest and one Star Crystal. At the end of this level is a shop, before Level 11 starts.


The player can alternatively choose to sleep, which will increase the player's health and attack count by 1. This will reset the day and night cycle. The player is prompted immediately into Level 11.

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