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Badges are rewarded for various accomplishments in the game. They are tied to achievements on Apple Game Center and Google Play Games. The challenges can be viewed in the Achievements screen and will become visible once achieved.

Image Name Description How to Achieve
AchievementSleep.png Goodnight Badge Get some shut-eye Reach Home and choose to sleep.
AchievementNight.png Moon Badge Ignore your bedtime Reach Home and choose to stay up.
AchievementStash.png Backpack Badge Unlock 20 upgrades Unlock 20 upgrades. Upgrades can be found from the backpack icon on the character select page.
AchievementRare.png Bunny Badge Defy all odds Receive the Hot Pink Bunny Charm from a Gacha Capsule.
Swatter Badge.png Swatter Badge Jump on a Dart Fly Jump on a Dart Fly.
Ghost Badge.png Ghost Badge Reach home without ever visiting a shop Run all the way Home without stopping to talk to the Shopkeepers at the end of each level.
Hatted Badge.png Hatted Badge Unlock 20 hats Unlock 20 hats. Hats can be found from the hat icon on the character select page.
Potassium Badge.png Potassium Badge Get the banana... then meet your demise Die immediately after slipping on a banana peel
AchievementTeapot.png Porcelain Badge Bring home the teapot Find and pick up the Teapot, then reach Home without letting it take damage.
AchievementPumpkin.png Pumpkin Badge Witness the pumpkin stack Purchase 3 Pumpkins from Jack at once, then reach the end of that level.
Aurum Badge.png Aurum Badge Convert lots of gold Use Gilda's Midas Wand 5 times in one run.
Coffee Badge.png Coffee Badge Caffeine overload Purchase Coffee from Fiona 8 times in one game.

Choosing to sleep after reaching Home will reset this count.