Star Power

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The Star Power is an effect or state within the game, which is activated when the player collects 10 Stars, or 8 if the player has the Sparkling Sapphire.


  • Immunity to Enemies, Spikes, and Lasers.
  • Prevents taking damage by falling into the void once, though this causes the power to stop.
  • Player Speed is increased by 90.
  • When initially entered, the jump count replenishes.
  • The player is illuminated a bright blue color.


The star power has a default duration of 12 seconds, though some interactions can cause the effect to be prolonged or shortened.

  • Prolonged by 1 second if a star is collected.
  • Prolonged by 0.1 second if a coin is collected, only if the player has the Star Dust upgrade.
  • Replenished fully by reaching a Shop or Home.
  • The drain rate begins increasing after 12 seconds. This maxes at 40 seconds, when the drain rate is doubled.